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Please advise how this period is for me. I am anxious about health, job and well being.. My nephew is having rahu dosha and is doing his engineering and he has failed in many subjects and not interested in study and his DOB is 4th December — please help us. Hi, please let me know rahu dasa effects with Rahu in 6th house Scorpio.

Dashas and Dasha Periods | Latest Vedic Astrology Updates

Lagna is Mithuna. Aspects 10th house issues with profession, higher authorities. Aspects 12th house unproductive expenses. Aspects 2nd house issues regards, to finance, family speech. Also Durgasaptashti 1st Chapter daily in morning. Rahu Shanti or Chandi Puja during Navratri for 5 years. Please suggest the remedies.

Hi I am Vignesh. So, one should not marry women who are running their Rahu Mahadasha!! My date of birth is My DOB 09 Jan , time I have incurred lot of expenses and financial loss from my investment. What is your prediction for me in future is it going to be better. Am I running Shani mahadasa? Is Shani mahadasa do good things in my life? Please advise how I can recover my losses. I am good in study but I am not getting desired results… Everything is going wrong with my career.

I am working hard bt still i am not able to achieve what I should deserve and getting no favourable outcome. Hi, my daughter is suffering from rahu mahadasha. DOB 6 Feb Place of birth Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. I am very worried about her. She is almost 30 now and not married, in fact astrologer says that she should have got married at When she will get married? She has changed her career so many times but there is no success in it.

She is almost every time unhappy, angry and also tried to attempt sucide. Sir my name is Prema date of birth 11 July Malaysia I going through hard time and always falling sick and already done 3 operations for different problem whats is the remedies for me.. Pls help. Please predict my career and personal life,I recently got married..

Sir my name is Meghna sheoran, date of birth may 24, Time of birth A fear is there in my mind which I am not able to understand. I feel presence of something around me. Hello— I was just told I am moola nakshatra dhanur rashi running rahu- ketu antar— could you please briefly explain what this means? Hello Sir , my name is uma. I have tried very hard,but failed to get a job.

May i know about my professional career. Sir, DOB Rahu mahadasha is expected from next year. I shall be grateful and obliged, if you kindly advise me. Hello Sir, I am Abhishek Bhatnagar. I am at the end phase of rahu mahadasha which was started in So i want to know that how will my new begening going to be? As rahu mahadasha is going to be end.

I want to go for civil services will i get selected or not. I also want to know how much self earn money i will earn. Solution to Rahu mahadasha: Even I have been going through Rahu mahadasha. Little bit of fight which i enjoy and anger i go to gym to get relived etc but touch wood overall everything seems fine. My astrologer friend informed me in advance about this.

Many thanks to him.

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If you trouble anyone intentionally or unintentionally we get multiple troubles. If you shout at one you will get multiple shouting directly or indirectly. So please do good deeds. Please please keep everything clean house, office, car, sourndings etc. Untidy and dirty places are like magnet to these ill effect.

Offer help even if others dont need.

Cycle of Vimshottari Dasha

You have to be very careful like no cheating, betraying, lies etc. I have failed thrice.


I want to study abroad. I dnt want to marry right now. I m nt getting selection. Can u guide please. I m shilpa my birthdate is 27 September , am Is there rahun aadarsh? I m suffering symptoms I feel lonely , hurt by my family person, i m depression scare from anything. My pujari told me that My daughter has rahumahadasa. She is in hospital on ventilation system. Please inform me any suggestions for her. Time am. Place : Vadodara, Gujarat, India. Currently for me, rahu mahadasha is running.


Date of birth: pm, place of birth: coimbatore, Tamil nadu, India. In , 4th June I got married In , my son nikesh was born pm In , January my father was expired. My husband and his parents treated me.

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  • I got divorce Right now they disturbing me n I feel to die. Jobless… Any solution n plz reply me n help me to overcome n I want to make my son to grow. He needs me. There s nothing else in my life… Relations are not good to me.

    Chapter 20 - Effects during the Dashas (periods) of House Lords - Phaladeepika (Malayalam)

    My lovely father is not there. Plz reply me. I was married to him on 7th June, and my elder sister passed away on 22nd August, in an accident. My husband always threatens to divorce me and his mother and sister are constantly creating problems in my marriage. My husband thinks I have mental issues and is trying to find a safe way to leave me. I do get angry but I do not shout, scream or become physical. I love my husband dearly and hope he can remove the blind fold and see how his mother and sister are constantly spoiling our marriage.

    see url My husband loves me but he will never pick me over his family. He will always support and protect his mother. My Son is suffering lot these days, He is a brilliant boy but suddenly due to various circumstances which were beyond his control.. Understand it is because of Rahu Mahadasha. Time Hrs. Place Kalyan. Longitude N; Longitude E. We will be highly obliged. Rhanking you. I am living it. Please read about how to make Rahu dasha positive by following the steps prescribed in Vedic Astrology. Yes Tushar same days here.

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    Just pray Mahadev everyday.. And be ready to loss everything in life. What people are giving advice that make Durga Kavacham or go to Balaji Mandir..