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Health of your father might be the reason of your anxiety, indicates horoscope for Capricorn star sign. At, times, disappointment from every side might make you feel mentally depressed and low. But a positive attitude and a good life style will surely bring back things on track. Also, you need to find some personal space for yourself during this time. Natives suffering from long-term illness may see amazing and quick recovery in their health. Almost all the long-term planets are either making nice aspects to you or leaving you alone. Your 6th House of Health is not a House of Power, which I read as a good thing as you can more or less take good health for granted now.

Later in the year, though after September 25th , Jupiter will start making a stressful aspect and you might want to pace yourself more. Mercury is your Health Planet.

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He is a fast-moving planet and in the course of the year will move through all the Signs and Houses of your Horoscope. Your health needs will vary from month to month. Therapies that might work one month might not work another when Mercury is in another position and under different aspects.

Healing can come to you in a variety of ways. These short-term trends will be discussed in the monthly forecasts.

Mercury's retrogrades four times this year are always significant for your health. These are times to study and research new health regimes but not to actually undertake them. Important changes to your health regime or important health decisions such as elective surgery or other invasive procedures are best delayed if possible until the retrograde is over.

Mercury will be retrograde from January 1st to 5th, April 6th to 29th and August 10th to September 1st and December 2nd to 19th. Mercury rules the nervous system, the lungs, intestines, arms and shoulders so these organs need more attention than other organs. Since health problems would most likely arise there, keeping them fit becomes powerful preventive medicine.

There are many natural and drugless ways to achieve this and they should be explored.

Mercury rules the mind and the intellect. Thus mental health is as important to you as physical health. And there is a strong correlation between your mental and physical health. Your mind needs to be given more attention. Happily, this year you seem to be doing this.

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The mind needs exercise as much as the body needs it. It needs good nutrition as much as the body does.

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Reading the great books especially the inspired literature of all cultures is very important. You want your mind fed with the best ideas, the highest wisdom and truths that humanity can offer. There is a need for good communication. When communication is blocked up, overall health can suffer. If you have friends with whom you can share intellectual interests, all well and good. If not, keep a diary to record your thoughts, ideas and impressions.

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The mind needs to be used, not abused. Excessive speech or over stimulation of the mind can cause insomnia and other nervous problems.

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Worse, it can sap the energies that the body needs for healing and rejuvenation. Happily, Capricorns by nature are not excessive talkers but they can be prone to worry and anxiety due to an overly pessimistic perspective on things. This needs to be guarded against. The health of a parent or parent figure can be enhanced by spiritual and meditative methods. Health of children and grandchildren, likewise.

Chances of getting an injury are high, so be careful. Conditions may come that you feel very low, depressed and mentally tired, but fighting these problems with positivity and following a good lifestyle will help you a lot. Pregnant women also need care. Quick recovery will be seen for those suffering from illness for long time.

Regular exercise, meditation and yoga will help you to get physical and mental strength. Giving time to your hobbies is likely to help you a lot to remain fit. In , you are expected to get better results at work front. But you may have to put lots of efforts in order to get what exactly you want. If your work is associated with foreign sources, then chances are high of getting huge benefits during this period.

But you need to be careful while taking in decision in financial matters. Read carefully all the documents related to your finance. Because someone close to you may cheat on you around this time.